Tuesday, 7 September 2010

LSBS retreat madness

On the last weekend of August I was lucky enough to participate with the girls from LSBS at their annual scrapbooking retreat. It was tops to get away and not have to run the weekend, but it feels strange at the same time.
I love these girls to pieces and had an absolute ball as always. Let me tell you they are a naughty bunch of girls when all in the same room. And i have never laughed so much - thanks Sami!

So what happens at retreat, stays at retreat....... but here are a few pics

The group shot - thanks to Kerryn for taking this great photo

........ dont know what to say bout this group of crazy ladies (thanks to Kathy for sharing this pic of facebook)

That would be Me, Sami and Joh

I did actually get some scrapping done..... even if it was only 1 layout, lol
I just adore this photo of my lil' terrors

This was Belle's class - i stuck with those paper flowers, all 14 of them. And i dont care that it took me exactly one week to finish them because I love the end result - thanks Belle

These were the two layouts from Kerryn's class. I love how easy they were to put together and great they look.
We did another class with Sherry Mendoza, but i cant share that one as it's already wrapped for my mum for her birthday tomorrow.
I cant wait to do it all again next year:)

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Donna said...

love those police outfits - woot woot!!