Monday, 18 May 2009

we had a great weekend!
saturday i was pretty sick and was in bed until about 3pm when i just bit the bullet, got dressed and drove the kids up to mums so we could see Hunter. why, because he's just too cute and we all miss him so much.
i was in the mood for Harry Potter so i started at number 1. Shanice was into it too and sat and watched them with me and then we conned mum into it, so there we sat, 3 generations watching Harry Potter and knitting! i am such a Nanna.
sunday came around in the blink of an eye. uncle peter came up to mums to cook us all breakfast which is exactly what everyone needs to start the day on a sunday. it was YUM.
i told the kids we needed to leave at lunch time cause we had to get home so they could do their homework, but it was such a glorious day, i rang anthony and told him to jump in the truck, grab some kfc for lunch and meet us at crosslands.
we had a great time. running around and laughing. doing things and enjoying being a family. one of the best things was mandy and hunter came with us! mum stayed home cause mum needed mum time which i can totally relate too.
i told the kids that they could go for a walk on the boardwalk. i specifically told them not to talk to strangers and to stay together. i trust my kids and knew they would be good and sensible. what i forgot to tell them was to only go the viewing platform. they had been gone for about 15 minutes and anthony had arrived with lunch and i thought i'll just go and grab them, figuring they'd be on the platform or swinging off a vine next to it - WRONG!!!!! i go to the platform and thats when i saw them way up track heading back. it looked like they were headed for the 7 kilometer walk to berowra waters, lol.
they were so good! next i specify * strangers * stay together * AND only to the platform!

here are a few pics from our great day

hunter having a ball in his jolly jumper

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